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Half rooted in the green hills of eastern Pennsylvania (not far from Wyeth country) and half rooted in my current location east of Lake Washington near Seattle WA, I am a creature of my adventures in both places and in between. Like many artists, where I have been is marked inevitably on what I make. Visceral is a good word.. my art has always come from the inside of me, except perhaps at Temple U's Tyler School of Art where I was trained in skills I had never met, and made the better by the multiple disciplines and training of the eye. Still, what I painted on the outside of the large portfolio I carried back and forth with me, were visceral outpourings collected over my years at Tyler. The spirit reigns. My marks are my own, and I suppose I like them as often as I like myself. Usually I like myself okay and sometimes quite a lot. I do know that when I am feeling passion inside I can make a pretty passionate painting. My wood art is an organic extension of my marks in two-dimensional works, and my paintings and also the digital "spin-offs" I make of them, move naturally back into my carving in color and line and texture. My studio 2-D and 3-D work comes only in "original." [ I do make note cards from my digital inventions, which are by nature seen by technological means.They can be ordered online. I recently said goodbye to some wonderful years of living near and then IN a rain forest in the Olympic Mountain Range of Washington State..remote enough that you could go out with nothing on if you wanted and no one but the bears and deer would see you! I have three grown kids, and five grandchildren ranging from 39 to 10 or so something, all creative and dear, and all nearby. What wealth! In 2015 I was hired to participate in a special project: The McMenamin's Hotel complex in Bothell WA hired me to add my work to the varied and entertaining collection they love to put on their walls. The opening was October 2015. Currently my work is mostly on portraits of people close to me, and a series of abstracts in oil on panel or canvas supports. [as of Feb 2016] This site will chronicle the rich array of activities that reflect my deep interests. As years go by, the focus narrows and extraneous "fluff" is left behind. The Muse insists! I also write essays, stories, and such on a site called The Story Hall at URL: https://medium.com/@susangholland_41327/ Art-making began in childhood, persisted through College, Tyler School of Fine Art, and on through my seven some decades, and I suppose into some future years! I am a believer. My life changed in 1963. "He made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him." II Cor. 5:21

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