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A knock on the door and it’s my smallest housemate  (just six, an Eloise style sprite with lots of irridescently red hair and a bright mind and endless curiosity and no shyness at all.) 

She is saying “It’s a coyote!” in the most excited terms and she is anxious to come in and look out my east facing window where she knows she can see this elusive creature.  Yes, she is pointing to a dusky presence near where I put our collapsed jack o’lanterns earlier in the day.

But now the coyote is standing still looking in alarm at the house, and then just evaporates.  It sees my visitor’s mother and the border collie mix they call Maya.  The coyote knows Maya, surely, having seen her patrolling the property in days past, and Maya is  now on its tail in the most dedicated way. 

We are glad for Maya’s vigilence,  and especially because there are two indoor/outdoor cats who live downstairs which the coyote would make quick work of if they ventured off very far from the house. 

Today we greet two more housemates.  One is moving in and another is visiting with her college age son so she can plan her move-in in two weeks.  There is yet another woman coming to look at a small room that is coming up for rent in January. 

We will wander through the old farmhouse together and look at all the possibilities.  The mover-in woman will take a deserved nap in her new room, and the visitor will use her room-to-be to stay overnight a few nights and get used to us.  The prospective small room renter will stay in the den on a day bed there.  Full house.

I’ve got soup and will be making lasagna.  Water.  Coffee.  No booze served here, except very rarely on a special occasion.  One smokes and will use the smoking porch. 

We will sit around the table in the dining room and talk about the possibilities,  the limitations,  and just whatever we think is important.

I will have to remember to do a lot of listening, and not a whole lot of talking.  They know me– I’ve been emailing them for some time now, and we like each other’s cyberselves. 

Real life is different than virtual.  A new dog enters the scene today.  My dogs will worry about that, and so will Maya, probably.

The coyotes will too.  That’s ok with me.

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