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Old Swimmer is Currently in Dry-dock.

(* See below main post for follow-up news.)

Here I am, wanting to get into the water and be toning my muscles after a long time being ill and inactive.  I have this IPool thing (no, it’s not a tech gadget.)   Anyone familiar with a so-called Lap Pool can imagine a smallish one, just large enough for a person to tether themselves to an overhead hanger and swim forward, getting nowhere, as far and as long as they wish.  The pool has a filter and a heater, and even a security cover!  I was told that once one knows how, it only takes thirty minutes to set this thing up!  Then fill it with not very much water (maybe three bathtubs full?), bring the water to an acceptable temp, and get in!

I have never gotten it set up!  Ever!  I’ve carted it from NJ to Shelton, and then to another place in Shelton, and then to Hoodsport, and now I’m headed to Seattle in what I hope will be a more permanent move. Its parts are still encased in the original plastic protective wrap except for the sturdy, powder-coated heavy metal tubing supports, which have already proven their worthiness by enduring five or more winters without rusting. It just  needs a flat place to be set up.

Seems that no one wants my pool set up in their spaces.  I have four professional construction geniuses in my list of kids, but no volunteers for this project.  (..”we have no room,” ”  there’s not a safe place, ” ” there’s not a private place, ” etc.)  Another thing they say is “SELL IT”.

Well, I like it and want to have it in my life.  The way I got to where I am is by swimmming off the effects of childhood polio, and building up a good body that has served me pretty well until recently.  I really need to get in the water again, and I know I will not do it if I have to GO somewhere in the CAR (gas), and be a member (pay), and then get dressed in damp clothes afterward and GO back home in the CAR(gas), and disrobe again and probably not do anything more …just take a nap. The getting there is just a huge chore!  And I’ll opt out…I will certainly opt out.

If I had this little pool convenient, so that I could dump myself in it before breakfast for a half hour or so and wake my body up in warm water with stretching and strokes and exercise that doesn’t jar my joints– I could then just go inside and quickly dress in DRY clothes and get about my day.

That I would do.  And I need to.

I find myself imagining the littler grandkids using it for recreational purposes, and the older grandkids and my own middle aged kids and me using it for a hot tub now and then.  Most of all I imagine myself lying on my back in the water in the middle of next winter with snow coming down…and I’m catching snowflakes in my mouth!  It’s so wonderful.

Won’t anyone put up my pool?  I’m not in a house-buying, or condo-renting mode right now, and likely will not be again unless something dramatically enriching happens.  So I need a space maybe twice the size of a standard full bathroom that can be fitted with some planks lying flat, and some access to electricity.  A hose is fine for the water.

This pool was bought for me during an epoch that ceased for many reasons… and it was clear that I was to have the pool with me wherever I went.  Everything is right about this except getting the thing up.

There will be a sequel to this post sometime.  And pictures, if it is a happy ending!

Wish me luck.    Old Swimmer
Sequel Herewith! *

Addendum:  No pictures.  The lap pool was put on craigslist and in the process of being sold was found to be less than perfect for its bumped around life.  My next option is to use my grandson’s apartment indoor pool, which is much more enticing, but a good car-trip away…therefore it costs me gas to go there.   More coming on this as the exciting saga develops.


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Cape Cod type of mussels and limpets

Cape Cod type of mussels and limpetsCape Cod kind of jetty


 A skinny child in a bib bathing suit squats near the base of the jetty. She is picking something from the side of a huge boulder– something smooth and oval sticking to the wetness that the Nantucket Sound tide has recently left behind. She pries it off and scrutinizes the underside; then, holding the object between thumb and forefinger, she moves to inspect intently the collection of debris on the sand next to the boulder….   (read more of this generational true story at Hook, Line and Sinker…)






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