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Catching drones

I am so fascinated by the uproar about those snoopy drones that are reportedly going to be released to spy on us.  I am a bit nervous that some drone hackers will follow me into the bathroom and watch, but if that’s what gets them satisfaction, well… no photos of me “washing up” will net them much.

What I am seeing is another electronic wonder that can be used by “the bad guys” as well as the good guys.  Not surprising, this eventuality. The gamesters who were nurtured in a digital age are full of games-view, and why shouldn’t they visualize Drone Wars as the next fun place to “play war.”  Except, as we can see, the little games grow into big power wars and then people actually get killed, and sometimes there is the real possibility of mass annihilation!   What would Assad do with a fleet of drones, I ask you?

So the child in me is wondering what to do when little things come zooming around with their cute little propellers fanning the local air in my yard and my house.  First thought:  CATCH ONE to get a better look.   How does one catch a little drone?

I am imagining that they are pretty smart, and assuming they have some remote data going out that will pit my abilities against the operator of this drone, whether the operator is a real human or a robot-type-entity, located at headquarters, or maybe in the cloud. (so appropriate..the cloud.)

What a great new sport, I am thinking, wondering what kind of butterfly net would work best, and how to design a stealth butterfly net to get under the drone’s radar.

What would I do after I tinkered with the little captive?  Would it self destruct in my hand, and maybe actually carry a bomb or something to detonate and make me go poof?
I visualize a little collection of these things in an electronically neutralizing safe, and hash marks on the outside telling me how many of “their guys” I have collected.  Like chess.

I don’t ever expect to set up an arsenal of my own, of course.  I don’t really have time for that.  But I wonder whether there will be “time” for drone poachers?  And a jail sentence?
Just think of the budgetary implications of that!

And how will the drone-related prisoners get along, all incarcerated together… the makers who sold drones to the bad guys and the drone catchers who were just playing?

Well, it’s good for a new computer game I guess,  but I don’t have time for that either.

So…just a blog.   But it’s not as aery-faerie as all that, is it?

Old Swimmer


Here’s a cute one

cute drone







another cute one
police drone


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You know how it is when you call those 800 numbers, don’t you?  You get voices saying how important your call is to their recorded selves.  Then you get options.

If you are Spock, this works.

Seth Godin is my new live person on my computer.  I find him with his lovely large forehead with myriad “smiles” (those creases some folks have lined up when they raise their eyebrows) dropping a little gem into my email.  I open them right away.

Here’s what Seth told me today:


YES!  This is why some people so enjoy the dashboard life!  It’s safe behind that keyboard and earphones!   No sticky messes to address!

I love Seth’s analogy (you did read the link, didn’t you?) and absolutely agree with every scrimptum of what he is saying.

I LOVE my computer.  It’s my connection to the whole world.

But there is NOTHING…nothing in the universe…more joyfully rewarding and more frighteningly fraught with “tarbabies” than human interaction.

I would die for my family.   But I can certainly imagine life without a computer…I’ve been planning for a while what I will do when cyberspace shuts down.   Only a matter of time… the cloud is heavy with potential bad weather.

Lurking in a wet environment

Old Swimmer

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Lately I have found myself growling about a lot of things– could be that being down ill has given me more time to read the news, which is nearly always news because it is about something nasty that is going on, or has happened.

Well I am going to write about one of several things that Word Press has been sticking in my email in-box lately, and  it is something GOOD!

Today, for instance, I got a little blurb from some students at Stanford University who has done research on what is bringing the most readers to Word Press Blogs.   I am not getting many readers, and so it seemed a good idea (since I have been well rewarded when reading what Word Press has to say)  to click and read!

Blog often and regularly, they said, and make your “follow” widget easy to see and find.  And get the comments going, and keep them going.

I’m headed over to my dashboard right away to check out my “follow” widget to see if it’s anywhere to be found!  I haven’t actually noticed it lately.  Hm.

Often and regularly written?  Yes, I do blog often and regularly, but I have SO many blogs no one would know it.  I am spread all over the place.  Maybe it’s time to gather together the best of the best and put them into the same blog.  Or not.

Probably not, since my blogs address different slants on things…some are for sharing my wares, and some are for giving the world a piece of my mind. Some are memory keepers, like a family scrapbook that has cyber pages rather than pretty scrapbook pages that eventually get worn down by being read over many years.

The other things that I love are the new Themes that come out often.  I almost always go look,  and sometimes I try them on for size.  I have kept some of my trials, and rearranged the content of blogs to best use the fresh new idea.

Did anyone else try to get on “Freshly Pressed” last time they wrote about the ways to get on it?  I did try.  I don’t think it worked.  Do they tell you when you get on that?  I always look when I have something I really care about that I have blogged about.

And I wonder if there are ways one can be avidly followed without being a presence on the “social network?”   I have eschewed as much of that as possible as the concerns about privacy grow and the advertisements proliferate.  I don”t like commerciality, I’m afraid, although I know it makes our world go ’round, and enables “freebies” to be offered.

Anyway, I just would like to thank Word Press for its fresh and decent and helpful service to its users.


old swimmer

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Is it only me, or is anyone else worried about putting their life into the cloud?

I have a nifty program here that says I can load all my sensitive accounts into it and have all of them on one page, making it
convenient for me to manage my dollars and pennies.

(I said that because it is coming down to dollars and pennies these days rather than bigger sums.)

No one would be really interested in looking at my meager dollars and pennies, but the idea of putting my accounts into the cloud bothers me anyway.  What if a gremlin gets into my account and overdraws it for a million dollars?   Will I be responsible?

Well, the bank wouldn’t let them,  or could it be fooled?

Juniper systems just dumped a bunch of data trying to figure out its newly launched networking system in the cloud.  It shut down a massive number of internet systems, effectively blocking transactions for a wide chunk of the planet!  SEE LINK . They are working on a fix, they say.

These bits of news bother me a lot.  How did they get it set up in the first place if they had not run a shadow run to make sure it would work?

To me, they are playing with the health and welfare of people way more than NASA does when it sends up iffy spaceships with people in them.  A handful of highly trained astronauts is a precious thing.  How about a worldful of regular folks?

We are making networking such a nerve center of our lives we are walking on a really thin tightrope, it seems to me.

I didn’t connect my accounts…that’s how I solved my worries.  I’ll just have to go down and
ask them at the bank how many pennies I have today if it comes to that.

Really!  I really mean that.

I am getting to where I will have my Social Security sent to my local bank (assuming they are not sending it in the cloud) and then maybe I’ll just go down and get the cash out.  Thay way it’s in my hand and I can at least get groceries.

The good news is, if all the computers are down, the bill collectors won’t be able to use their machines either—all their data will be stuck up there somewhere with the astronauts who are in heaven, and no one will be able to prove that I haven’t paid yet, right?

My dad used to do it the old way in his company…there were papers filled out with handwritten numbers and there were fancy new calculators to make sure the columns balanced.  The books must have been Xeroxed then, and a duplicate copy of everything sent home with someone in their car so if the building burned down they would have a fighting chance to retrieve all the data.

Cumbersome?  Yes.  But not as dreadful as getting lost in the cloud and not able to function.

Anyone else worried?   Old Swimmer

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