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Welcome to The Coffee Table Bookpile
Welcome to “The Coffee Table Bookpile “
I am indebted to the following for permission to use the above image,” La Brache” :   Marilyn Brown, Dadaelis Bengals & Salukis www.labrache.com/dadaelis_bengals.htm
The Deer of Overlook Mountain 1. The Deer of Overlook Mountain —   Story of my life, or bane of my existence, I’ve been working on a little side project once again!  It’s called The Coffee Table Book Pile.  Seemed like a good place to put a lot of images that seem worth sharing, as I might do in my own livingroom.  More than just a Photo Albums, these books, are usually themed, large but not too long, and usually full of white space. The books tend to be pretty.  The subjects are varied, including some that are not so much pretty as thought provoking.  My first two books are piled on the brand new table…          (Click here to go there…)A Garden's Worth a Thousand Pictures2. A Garden’s Worth a Thousand Pictures 



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